The future of detailing takes shape now

As the detailing landscape continues to evolve, the need for innovative, adaptable solutions grows more important every day.

Fluid. iQ.mercury offers you a modular detailing platform that makes it possible for your messaging to go anywhere you want it to go, any time you want it to be there.

Intuitive. Those currently using iQ.mercury know it sets the standard for innovation and ease-of-use for In-person detailing, content management, and analytics.

Flexible. Today’s iQ.mercury adds 3 new powerful options: Remote, Self, and Group detailing, each available as a stand-alone component, or grouped in any configuration you choose. This modular platform makes iQ.mercury 3 the perfect fit for any sales force size at any budget.


The most effective way to sell continues to be in-person detailing. iQ.mercury 3 continues to set the standard for full detailing platforms, helping make the most of in-person detailing possibilities.

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When an in-person visit is not an option, you need an effective way to detail from any location. iQ.mercury 3 delivers with an app that allows reps to lead 1 on 1 conversations – with complete control of the detail – from a remote location.

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Many busy HCPs prefer to learn about products on their own schedule, outside of regular business hours. And many pharma companies need a way to reach HCPs via a non-personal presentation platform. With iQ.mercury 3, HCPs can self-detail whenever they have time.

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You can maximize sales force effectiveness with the multiplier effect of detailing to groups of HCPs at the same time. With iQ.mercury 3, true group detailing is not only possible, it’s easy for reps and HCPs alike. It also allows HCPs to send requests to trusted peers to join them in the detail.

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Dedicated to making CLM work for you

iQ.mercury was one the first detailing platforms to be commercially available to reps and brand managers. As the art of detailing evolves into true closed loop marketing (CLM), iQ.mercury will continue to lead the industry with innovative solutions that optimize the process of gathering and analyzing insights gathered from every customer interaction.

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Content development made easy

iQ.mercury goes beyond other detailing products by offering brand managers and content developers an open content development platform that offers unparalleled presentation design freedom to create any look or function without restrictions. And with each iQ.mercury detailing option, brand managers and IT groups have access to the iQ.mercury server to manage reps and presentations and access analytics.

Product support

iQ.mercury is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service and support. Our Support Center brings together a searchable knowledge base, community, and customer portal in one location. You can submit a query to the Support Center, or submit a support request to one of our support specialists.